If you have been allegedly charged with a traffic ticket violation, don’t simply pay your traffic ticket, F that ticket! Let our experienced attorney(s) help dismiss, reduce, or minimize the court imposed penalties and/or fees.  Don’t risk higher auto insurance premiums or possible driver license suspension.  We are standing by for a FREE CONSULTATION – Call us today at (833) 433-3363;2.

Unparalleled Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney Representation

FYourTicket was founded on the principle to provide you with unparalleled legal representation for your traffic ticket at a price that was cheap, affordable, and cost effective. Fyourticket represents both commercial drivers, who depend on their license as their livelihood and non-commercial drivers who want to prevent excessive insurance premium increases, points on their driving license, and hefty court fines. FYourTicket, has successfully defended against hundreds of driving on a suspended license tickets, speeding tickets, red light camera tickets, no license or unlicensed drivers, modified emission tickets, unsafe speeding tickets, and more around the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside County, and Ventura County.

FYourTicket, is a REAL law firm with a REAL attorney defending you, where we take pride that our clients and perspective clients are accessible to us via telephone, text message, and email any day of the week and at night. FYourticket is not an online company that only prepares trial by written declaration services prepared by a non attorney and will leave you if you lose. FYourTicket will go to court and FIGHT for you, from any minor traffic ticket conducting a bench trial with the officer and judge present to more serious misdemeanors where we will pick twelve (12) jurors and conduct a jury trial. We are not afraid to FIGHT to protect your driving record.

F YourTicket today and fight your ticket. Call us now for a FREE CONSULTATION at (833) 4-DEFEND (833) 433-3363 extension 2

What’s the difference between Fyourticket and other traffic law firms? 

Experience, Dedication, and Reliability.

Our attorney and staff are highly effective at handling your traffic matters, having extensive traffic ticket law experience in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and throughout California. Over the last years, we have successfully fought over a thousand traffic tickets. We are confident, we can help fight your traffic ticket.

We are available every day of the week to appear in court for our clients, without you needing to be present. We understand that you’re busy, and your time is valuable so let an effective and skillful attorney obtain the best results on your day of court.

If you have been cited for any moving traffic violation in Los Angeles, our lawyer will negotiate a deal to reduce the charges and protect you from points on your California driver’s license, increased insurance premiums, jail, loss or suspension of your driver’s license, and more.

We are experienced in providing effective legal representation on your traffic ticket in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and surrounding counties. We are experienced and can fight for you on the following, but not limited to:

  • Speeding
  • Exceeding over 100 MPH
  • Reckless Driving
  • DUI & DWI
  • Driving under the influence of controlled substances
  • Driving without a License
  • Illegal U-turn
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Vehicle equipment and mechanical violations
  • Seatbelt and child restraint violations
  • Unlawful vehicle modifications
  • Vehicular manslaughter

Traffic ticket violations cannot and shall not be ignored. Failure to contest, and respond to your Los Angeles traffic ticket may result in a bench warrant for your arrest,  increased court fines and fees, a hold place on your California driver’s license, and/or a suspension on your driver’s license. As your attorney, we will FIGHT your traffic ticket by carefully evaluating all of the evidence the officer has against you, the procedure used to cite you, and more. In addition, we will aggressively negotiate with the court to dismiss, reduce the alleged violations against you to no point violations, fine reductions, and preventions of points on your drivers license.

If you have been either arrested or cited with a Los Angeles traffic ticket violation in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Ventura, and surrounding counties, please call (833) 433-3363 extension 2 or email us  for a FREE consultation with an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

Yes, you could just pay your traffic ticket without fighting it and move on, but what are the results? You are GUILTY. By paying your traffic ticket, you are paying the full fine, and a point(s) on your driving record. Why pay the traffic ticket when you can hire us to FIGHT to dismiss, or reduce to a no point violation, or reduce the court fines.