Complete List Of California Vehicle Codes (CVC)

California Vehicle Codes (CVC): Easy Guide

Confused about California's traffic laws? At FYourTicket, we help you fight traffic tickets and criminal charges. Knowing the vehicle code(s) related to your case can make a big difference.

This page lists all California Vehicle Codes (CVC) to help you understand each law. Whether you got a traffic ticket or face criminal charges, we give you the info you need to defend yourself.

Why Vehicle Codes Are Important

Knowing which vehicle codes apply to your case can affect the result. Each code has its own rules and penalties. Being informed helps you make better choices and build a stronger defense.

How To Use This Guide

This guide is designed to be simple to use. Scroll through the list to find the code you need, or use the search bar found above the table. Each code has a brief description to help you understand the law, the associated fine or penalty, and how many points it adds to your driving record (if any).

CVC References

The California Vehicle Codes (CVC) information found on this and related pages are sourced directly from the following primary sources:

We do our best to keep the information on this page current for your convenience!