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If you have gotten an exhibition of speed ticket or another traffic violation in California, our speeding ticket lawyers can help protect your rights. 

Don't Go to Court Without Legal Representation 

Driving laws in California are designed to keep everyone on the road safe. However, they are notoriously strict and can result in severe consequences. Being convicted of a traffic violation can result in hefty fines, increased insurance premiums, loss of your license, deportation, or even jail time. 

That is why you need the best ticket-fighting service at your side. At FyourTicket, we have over a decade of experience helping our clients fight a wide range of traffic violations, from speeding tickets to driving without a license. Our traffic lawyers in Fontana, CA, can help determine how to best proceed with your case. If you need to fight a traffic ticket in California, call us today. 

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When to Hire a Speeding Ticket Attorney

It is always a good idea to schedule a consultation with a traffic lawyer following a violation. However, there are some instances when it is even more important. If you already have points on your license, are applying for citizenship, or are caught driving without a license in California, it is essential to hire a lawyer, as these can result in a permanent loss of licenses, jail time, or deportation. You should also always hire an attorney if you have been charged with drunk driving or are at risk of losing your license. We can help you determine how to best proceed with your case. 

Why Chose FyourTicket?

Penalties for traffic violations in California can be tough, but we are tougher. In the past ten years, we've helped over 10,000 clients get their tickets dismissed and are here to fight for you. We also offer free consultations and can help you determine your best course of action. 

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in California

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We'll start with a consultation to determine how we can help you build a case. 

Step 2: We'll Go to Court 

On your court date, we'll work with the prosecutor and the judge to try to get them to dismiss or reduce your infraction. 

Step 3: Your Outcome

No matter the outcome, we will work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case. 

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How Much Does a California Speeding Ticket Cost?

A speeding ticket can cost more than just court costs and fines. It can also cost you your license, cause your car insurance to rise, and more. We can help you determine the total cost of your infraction and fight to help lower any related expenses. 

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Don't leave your future to chance. Give yourself a fighting chance when you contact FyourTicket for all of your traffic violations. We look forward to helping you get a better outcome for your case. 

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