At the trial stage is where we try to work our magic. We will aggressively argue and advocate your behalf while defending you against your case. We will confront the officer and discuss your case with them, while comparing your provided statement of facts with their version of the story. Your statement of facts are CONFIDENTIAL to us, but we evaluate both facts to determine what course of action we must take. It is very important for you to provide these statement of facts to us!

In addition, but not limited, we will make any pre-trial motions (dismissal request, reduction to a no point violation, lower court fines, and so forth.) After careful evaluation of the alleged violation, we will make the determination if we should proceed to trial on your behalf. It is possible that a bench trial where the judge will determine whether or not you are guilty may not be the best option for your case. Some judges may deny you traffic school, impose higher fines, license suspensions, and so forth.